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About SafuuGO SGO

What is the project about? SafuuGO is an ultra advanced AI driven BEP20 token platform with integrated, upgradable, interoperable, multi-liquidity pool management and buyback & burn systems operating through integration of our own proprietary Navigational Artificial Intelligence Layer (NAIL). SafuuGO utilizes its native token (SGO) which tips the LP balance in your favor with “DRIVE”... the next generation Multi-LP Direct Reactive Integrated Vaporization Engine utilizing vaporization for core stability and inbuilt AI Safety Systems targeting sustainability, price appreciation and ecosystem expansion as the primary core objectives. What makes your project unique? SafuuGO is a next generation AI protocol that is built to be future proof and support more efficient value growth whilst generating multiple revenue streams on top of token fee revenue by rewarding SGO token holders through fundamental rebasing initiatives, managed by our proprietary Hybrid Automated Rebase System (HARS). History of your project. Launched on June 24th, 2023 and as done over $2 million in volume, 11,183 holders, 230,159 transfers on the binance smart chain network and currently at $13 million MC What’s next for your project? SafuuGO future plans consists of gradually continuing along our public roadmap What can your token be used for? The SGO Tokens will be used as a mode of Payment and also as Arbitrage and included in swaps

SafuuGO (SGO) Price Data

SafuuGO (SGO) price has increased today.

SafuuGO price today is $802.45 with a 24-hours trading volume up by -- %. SGO price is up in the last 24 hours. It has a circulating supply is 22,024 SGO coins and a total supply of 22,024.

What is the highest price for SafuuGO?

The all-time high price of SafuuGO is $1,905 on Jun 4, 2023.

What is the lowest price for SafuuGO?

The all-time low price of SafuuGO is $0.1291 on Oct 23, 2023.

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