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About Global Social Chain GSC

GSC (Global Social Chain) is the world's first new generation of social networking chain that owns hundreds of millions of social users. This social chain is determined to use block chain technology to subvert centralized social networks such as Facebook, WeChat, etc., which plays a dual role as "manager" and "arbiter" simultaneously for the former social networking platforms. Social network is the most important basic measure of the Internet. It conveys the user's daily high frequency interactive behavior. However, at present, all the centralized social networking platforms, such as Facebook, Snapchat, etc., are facing many pain points. The security of users' private information cant be guaranteed; The user data can be used by the platform at any time; There is a lack of incentive as the values created within the content of the user belong, at last, to the platform; Credit system vulnerability, false information, and low social efficiency. The social network is a natural source applied to the centralized block chain technology. GSC's vision is to utilize the block chain technology to restructure the values of the next generation of social networking platforms and let the security of the private data and the digital assets become individual. Through the in-depth cooperation with the famous social networking application Mico, we have the chance to validate the solution of the block chain technology on the product matrix of Mico and made very effective progress.

Global Social Chain (GSC) Price Data

Global Social Chain (GSC) price has decreased today.

Global Social Chain price today is $0.001313 with a 24-hours trading volume up by -- %. GSC price is down in the last 24 hours. It has a circulating supply is 999M GSC coins and a total supply of 1.00B.

What is the highest price for Global Social Chain?

The all-time high price of Global Social Chain is $0.001485 on Dec 5, 2023.

What is the lowest price for Global Social Chain?

The all-time low price of Global Social Chain is $0.001208 on Dec 13, 2023.

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