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Curated datasets

Build apps & analytics with curated blockchain & crypto data

The most advanced pricing engine

Octopus is the most advanced pricing engine in the industry, offering the largest coverage, the highest accuracy, the lowest latency, and the most cost-efficient pricing.

Cost-efficient, pay-as-you-go

With the most generous free tier in the industry, many companies saved thousands of dollars by switching to Mobula.

Industry-leading Coverage

Octopus tracks all assets from Monero to the latest token listed on any DEX, offering both pair rates and aggregated prices.

Highly Accurate

Octopus engine combines VWAG & LWAG to provide the most accurate prices - even for low-cap altcoins / deadcoins.

Built for real-time

Octopus engine updates prices every 5s, with no cache (even for free versions!) and covers WSS & database streams.

Indexing Supercharged

Faster indexers, multi-chain, data-enabled - consumed via REST or livestreamed to your DB.

Livestreamed to your DB

Get blockchain data feeds livestreamed to your database. No more polling, no more waiting, no infra to manage.

Multi-chain Indexing

Enter the chain-agnostic, multi-chain future. Index data from **any** blockchain, including non-EVM realm thanks to our chain-agnostic modular architecture. Combine multiple chains into a single subgraph.

Access curated datasets, in real time.

Consume Octopus, Metacore & community curated datasets directly in your subgraph, without slowing down indexing time - built for real time.

Migrate your legacy stacks

Save on your data bill & harmonize your app by working with a single provider, dedicated data provider.

Migrate from Covalent to Mobula API for market-data enriched wallet data, more chains, complex SQL queries, and single-endpoint multi-chain results.

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